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Family-Owned Business

It all started in 2018. Zachary convinced his Daddy (Dusin) that it was a "good idea" to get chickens.

They went to the local family owned animal feed store (N.O. Bonsall & Sons). Every year they order baby chicks in. Zachary and Brynnlea both picked out 2 baby chicks.

About 2 days later Dustin went back up to Bonsall's and came home with about 12 more baby chicks. 

Dustin then ventured to hatching our owns eggs from the chickens we had and from others that he purchased eggs from.

Winter of 2018 Dustin purchased a GQF 1502 Sportsmans incubator from a fellow fowl breeder. The incubator came with about 130 duck eggs. About 80 of those eggs hatched out and our kids fell in love.

ZB²C (Zachary, Brynnlea, Carley & Brantley) Hatchery evolved from there!

Since then we have hatched out well over 500 babies whether it be chickens, quail, ducks, or pheasants as of April 2020.

We are now operating with 3 incubators and one hatcher.

Winter 2023 was our last winter for the hatchery. 

Unfortunately due to health reason, the increase of Avian Flu and our kids getting older and being in sports we have decided that it is prime time for FAMILY. 

We will still be butchering and are a source for you when you have questions.

We would love to thank all of our customers and supporters throughout the last few years. 


Who knows maybe there will be a comeback in the future.  

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Feeding Our Flock

Newly Hatched chicks, chicks still on heat and quail are fed 28% turkey starter.

Birds off heat and outside are fed layer feed

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